The Elephant in My Life

There's something we hardly ever talk about, which makes it seem quite likely that we hardly ever think about it either. I don't. But it's something that matters more than just about anything. And it's something good. I've let myself live in a way that's not consistent with reality. I've let myself forget the fact... Continue Reading →


Scrapbook (1)

I've been having a lack of inspiration for posts recently (though I do have something fun in the works that you'll get to see soon!), but I've finally decided to start a new set of posts where I can use all the random things I want to talk about that don't really warrant their own... Continue Reading →


A few weeks ago, I started writing a post about how sad I am about my big sister, Amanda, moving out. That was before it turned out that she's moving to a whole different state, instead of just half an hour away. But when I went back to finish my earlier post, I didn't want... Continue Reading →

Evening Thoughts (2)

Hey. I'm just here to tell you that it's okay. Actually, I'm really just telling myself. I know things, but I have to remind myself all the time. I have to remind myself that it's really, really, really alright. When I fail to do thing I've said I would. When I truly want to answer... Continue Reading →

All Things

I'm back! Whether you noticed that I was gone or not, I was. I haven't had any space in my mind to even think about the fact that I have a blog, and I definitely haven't been answering any comments or writing new posts. But now I am back, ready to gush about all the... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello everyone! I was nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award by Maya. This means I get to feel happy, answer her questions, and make up new questions to pass along to other bloggers. Thank you for thinking of me Maya, it was very fun! The Rules Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a... Continue Reading →

Evening Thoughts

Here is a rather rambling (Essay? Thing?) post I wrote after my first day of theater camp when I was feeling a wee bit happy. 😉 Pure, unaltered strangeness from me. XD The best kind of day leaves you with empty hands, a full heart, a full memory, and a tired body. When you've given... Continue Reading →

The Grand Book List (part 2)

More book recommendations for you! You can read part one of this post here. As before, each book is linked to a review where you can get more details. For all Ages: The Door in the Wall, by Marguerite de AngeliThe Singing Tree, by Kate SeredyEight Cousins, by Louisa May AlcottThe Moomin series, by Tove... Continue Reading →


Guess what? Today, I've got no crisis. Nothing that's been making me miserable for months. No particular problem or deep inspirational thought or nostalgic reflections. I'm just really happy. Because it's beautiful weather, and I get to go see my friends later today, and my little brother just randomly gave me a hug. And the... Continue Reading →

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