Hello, blog! Wow, it's been a ridiculously long time since I wrote anything here. I am pleased to announce that I am not dead or gone forever, and I am toying with the idea of actually trying to start posting here again. We shall see. But I'm finally pushed to actually post something because it's... Continue Reading →

Snapshots {a few days in my head}

I wrote this about a week ago, and I keep putting off posting it. So here you are. .... I'm alone, sitting on the carpet with my knees up against my chest, blinking at my phone through the fog. What it says in the article is so true and so painful. I'm crying, not exactly... Continue Reading →


"I'm not good at being sad." I didn't realize quite how true that was until I wrote it down and sat there staring at it. I'm really quite bad at being sad. I much prefer to ignore that emotion as much as possible and force myself into being "fine", whether I am or not. I'm... Continue Reading →

Myers-Briggs Typing Characters {with Enni!}

Hello. MBTI! Fictional characters! Enni! Huzzah. That translates into, Enni and I are doing a colab where we each come up with fictional characters for half the Meyers-Briggs personality types, and list them for your entertainment. Go read the other half on her blog, The Blanket Burrito, after you've finished with these. Or before. Whatever.... Continue Reading →

Double Birthday

For your reading pleasure, a rant about my birthday, interspersed with some of my favorite sidebar quotes from the one year this blog has now existed. It's that time of year again. Birthdays are very disorienting to me, whether they're mine or not. Anyone changing, in any way, is just weird. Even though it's actually... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Fine, so there.

I've been reading a lot of amazing, inspirational posts about all the quarantine insanity that's going on right now, about how we should use this time for good and be grateful for what we still have and blah blah blah. And I truly do admire and appreciate the people writing them. I wish I could... Continue Reading →

o v e r t h i n k i n g

I wrote this last week but was too busy to publish it until today. I really hate myself right now. And I'm aware that there's something wrong with that situation. Math tends to do it to me. I don't pay too much attention to the lessons and work through the problems using as many shortcuts... Continue Reading →

Scrapbook (4)

Hello, blog people... I've gotten into the (bad?) habit of keeping my random thoughts to myself, or just venting them to friends, instead of writing them up here. My apologies, if you wanted to hear them. I am trying to get back to posting more frequently! For now, here's a collection of hightlights from the... Continue Reading →

Evening Thoughts (3)

Life is stressful sometimes (big surprise), and my brain goes into you-are-terrible-and-failing-at-everything mode, which is really not helpful. When I start worrying about something, I fall into a downward spiral of worrying about everything I can possibly think of until I don't even know what I'm actually upset about, I just know that everything is... Continue Reading →

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