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My friend Amie is redoing her blog with a new name, I love reading her posts, so I’m excited to have her write one for my blog! I suggested the topic of growing up, since that’s something I talk about a lot here, and she sent me this…

Staring at wall, taking in the lines that mark my growth. Each year, a little higher, each year closer to reaching the goal of being “grown up.” Life milestones, such as the first time I was allowed to wear high heels, having my hair curled, first time drinking coffee, drinking out of a glass cup. Dreams of what was coming ahead, dreams of what the world would be like when I arrived at a wonderful year in my life. 

The year 2020.

It seemed so far away, cloaked in a golden haze. It was the year that my freedom would begin, the year that maybe, perhaps I would start driving. In my childish mind, I was sure that I would have a million friends, I would be doing great things, and I would be flying to New York, experiencing acting first hand. I would be well known, maybe releasing my first single.

And of course, I would be absolutely beautiful. 

Maybe, in 2020, I will have a boyfriend. But that idea was quickly trashed. Boyfriends would take too much time, and I needed to spend my time on my career. Because 2020 would be the beginning of the golden decade of my life. 

It’s 2020, guys. 

I’m not the person I thought I would be. I’m not driving any time soon, I don’t have a million friends, and I’m not flying to New York. There is no acting in my life, besides my skits I do on YouTube. Singing isn’t my strong point, due to weak lungs and lack of practice. 

Beauty is debatable, just as whether I’m doing great things or not. And so far, 2020 hasn’t been a golden year.

It’s been stark. It’s been full of “discovering” that changing is okay, that growing up and not fitting the mold you created for yourself doesn’t mean you’ve failed. In fact, it means that you have grown up. You’re able to look around you and see that the world isn’t the same as the one that you saw through your childish lenses.

2020 has brought challenges that have grown me up even more. People are dying around the world, fear has filled American’s minds, and we’re stuck at home. Waiting to see if we develop symptoms.

I’ve started wondering if there’s actually a golden year in our lives. Is there really a golden decade? Will the future hold everything we dream for it?

I think our goal shouldn’t be to reach the years we’ve decided are golden, but we should strive that each year is golden in it’s own way. We aren’t promised any day besides today, we aren’t promised anymore years than the ones that we’ve been given, and we aren’t promised our dreams.

But we are given stars to reach for, things to live for, and the ability to dream. Part of growing up is being able to move past shattered dreams and pick new ones. Maybe this year none of us will go on our dream vacations, perhaps we’ll all miss the weddings we wanted to attend, and the concerts that we were excited about. 

This is a time for us all to grow. To endure and find patience. Perhaps you’ll miss church for months, maybe you won’t see your boyfriend. But in 2020, we’re finally able to face something frightening, to experience something devastating while history is watching, waiting to record how we respond.

Will we be ready for the call, like our great grandparents were in WWII? Or will we shun the rules and watch chaos happen as our grandparents did with Vietnam? Will we rally as a nation as our parents did during 9/11? 

History is watching as we grow up. It’ll paint our reactions without painting our emotions. Make 2020 a golden year for you, a year where you connected with your family and your community during a hardship, proving that you were no longer a child, but instead, you’re a young adult. 

Ready to face the darkness while you reach the stars.


So, go follow her blog! And if you want to win all that ^^, you can enter here.

About Amie: 

Amie is known as…

an old person in a young person’s body. She feels deeply, and shows hardly any of that feeling while she expresses all her tears, pain, and happiness in writing or music. She is a blogger, photographer, author, editor, girl Friday, artist, musician, and pretty much whatever else she puts her mind to.

Amie enjoys learning new languages, strange food combinations, laughter, animals (especially her bunny rabbit, Snowball and her dog, Star), and books. She is a writer who strives to share her Savior’s love while encouraging everyone to reach for the stars in spite of the darkness of this life.

About Amie Anne:

Amie Anne is about a girl reaching the stars, and encouraging others to do so. While reaching the stars, she spends her time snapping pictures, creating history posts, monologues, and poetry.

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  1. This was such an amazing post! I always think that next year will be the golden or best years yet, but I can make it happen now. I mean, who knows! Next year might be my best. I might not get my learners permit on July 11, but at least I’ll get it some time.


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