The Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest is hosted by Megan @abarefootgal. I’ll be posting a new photo for the contest here each week. Yay team Spring!

Category 1: Unnoticed

I hope those kayakers looked up…beauty is always up there, hidden in plain sight.

Category 2: Fast

Ironically, this bird actually can’t fly well, which is why it was in a park to be admired, but theoretically it would be very fast. XD

Category 4: Lopsided

(Yes, I failed to post a picture for category 4. My apologies, team spring.)

This was much harder then it sounded at first. This was the best I could think of; but the lighting and overall composition of the picture is quite nice, in my opinion, so I’m still pleased with it even if it’s technically more crooked than lopsided.

Category 5: Surprise!

I was trying to get a picture of our goats but they kept jumping up on the fence and sticking their faces in front of the camera.

Category 6: Gentle

There’s something particularly gentle and soft about twilight…the day is over, and everything feels safe and peaceful.

Category 7: Colorful

Naturally, what could I choose for this category but another sky picture? This is the most vibrant sunset I’ve ever photographed.

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